Sunday, November 16, 2008

Madagascar 2

My fav quotes!


Random Zebras (As Alex is walking through the herd with his 'hat of shame' on, trying to find Marty) : "Cool Hat!" "Where'd you get the hat?" "Leave the hat!"


Melman : "Listen Mototo, you'd better treat this lady like a queen. Because you've found yourself the perfect woman. If I was ever so lucky to find the perfect woman, I would give her flowers every day! Her favorites are orchids - white orchids. And breakfast in bed! Six loaves of wheat toast, with butter on both sides! No crust! The way she likes it. I'd be her shoulder to cry on and her best friend. And I'd spend every day trying to think of how to make her laugh. She has the most amazing laugh. That's what I would do if I were you. But I'm not. So you do it!"


Alex : "It is lackin' in the crackin' my friend."


Private : "Can I kiss the bride, Skipper?"
Skipper: "NO!" *slaps Private*


Melman: "Gloria, I just want you to know, back at the zoo, it was never the doctors or the perscriptions that kept me going. It was always you. Seeing you every day. That's what kept me going!"


Gloria (holding Melman over volcano by the horn): "Melman, I've got to know, Did you really mean all those things you said about me?"
Melman: "Of course I did."
Gloria (Holds Melman in her arms with his arms around her neck): "It's crazy."
Melman: "It is?"
Gloria: "It's crazy to think that I had to go halfway around the world to find out that the perfect guy for me lived right next door."
Melman: "Then I guess it's you and me neigbor, For the next...eighteen hours."
Gloria: "I'll take whatever I can get." (The two touch forheads)


Marty: "How about a t-shirt that says I'm with stupid?"
Random Zebra: "I'm not stupid!"
Marty: "Not you stupid! Him stupid!"


Melman (at the penguin wedding): "It's not gonna last." (Gloria nods in agreement)

King Julius," Stop him! He's carrying scissors and heand cream!"

Alex: I Know you won't mind if I tell you.....
Marty: Tell me anything come on!
Marty: WHAT?!
Alex: The buttons were so small, it made me mad!
Marty: THE HORROR!!!

Alex: Me...ALEX. Me and me in great metal bird...then...PLUMMET! Smash ground! Go boom! Then here we...emerge. We offer only happiness and good greetings!

Melman: You don't have a doctor? What if you catch a cold?
Other Giraffe: We pick out a dying hole, and we die.
Melman: Ok you guys REALLY need a doctor!

Skipper: Operation Tourist trap is a go!
Private: Oh I like that one! It's a good one!
Kowalski: It works on many levels!
Skipper: You guys are a bunch of suckups!
Kowalski: That too sir!
Private: Absolutely!
Skipper: Hey stations!

Private:[after throwing old lady out of the jeep] Is she dead?
[old lady gets up]
Skipper: NO!!!
[rams her. lol]

Alex's mom: You used to call this...foofi
Alex: Foofi......FOOFI!!
Zuba: Come on he doesn't need that old thing
Alex: MY FOOFI!!!

King Julian: Yes. And you are only a sad little head. But there must be something you want to do before you...DIE!
Melman: Well there is this one thing...
King Julian: What is it? Tell me!
Melman: Well I don't know...
King Julian: What is it?
Melman: You know I never really go the guts to tell gloria...
King Julian: What is it?!
Melman: I fell about her.
King Julian: PLEASE TELL ME!
Melman: How I've always felt about her.
King Julian. FINE! Don't tell me!....OH! Is it a woman? You didn't tell me it was going to be a woman.
Maurice: What are you afriad of? Your a dead man anyway.
Melman: Yeah...yeah your right...
King Julian: Well you gotta march right up to this lady alright? Then you look her right in the eyes...lean forward just a little almost all the way...just a lips distance away fromeach other...and then you just tell her how much you hate her.
Melman:'s more
King Julian: OH! You sly dog! Woof! You are a real playa you know that? You gotta rise! You hearing me? I can't hear you!
Melman: Yeah!
King julian: You gotta rise!
Melman: Yeah!
King Julian: You gotta get outta that hole!
Melman: I'm rising outta the hole!
King Jlian: Rise him Maurice!
Melman: I'm rising Maurice!
King Julian: You gotta go right up to this woman!
Melman: YEAH!
King Julian: You gotta go right up to her face!
Melman: I'm going to tell her!
King Julian: And then say "Baby, I dig ya!" YEAH!
Melman: Yeah! I'm going to do it! I'm going to do it!
King Julian: I love that happy little head.

King Julian: There is only one one way to get your precious water..I, King Julian, will simply make a small sacrifice to my good friends the water gods in....THE VOLCANO!!
Animal: What does that do?
King Julian: What does that do? Excellent question! My sacrifice goes in the volcano, then the firendly gods will eat up my sacrifice, "Mmm thank you for the sacrifice" "please have another sacrifce" "No I've had enough for the day" "listen, I'm going to be very upset if you don't have another" "I don't want another sacrifice ok?!" "Come on you look so skinny!" "No I think I've had enough is that clear?!"......The gods eat the sacrifice..they are grateful, they give me some of their water, and I will give it to you.
Animal: Does it work?
King Julien: No...I mean yes! I
Maurice: Ehh....50/50


Ashley Johnson said...

haha the scissors and hand cream...i love madagascar quotes!

how funny :)

jkhondiwah said...

love them
ges i gat blow the volcano
to get king julians hat!!!!!